Studio One
                99 Tinker Street
            Woodstock N.Y. 12498

Studio Oneis a movement science fitness studio. In all systems of movement there are basic mechanics to follow for safe and effective results. This is the foundation at Studio One. I also believe there is great joy in movement. I would be delighted to design a health and fitness program specifically for you.

I offer a variety of physical modalities for you to get on or stay on your healthy lifestyle path. I am a certified movement science Pilates teacher. You'll find my training in yoga, circus, gymnastics, running, swimming, and crossfit® weaved throughout my programs. I also teach self massage techniques, using foam rollers and tennis balls. 
Studio One  facilitates  fitness programs for all ages and abilities. I teach private sessions and small groups. My studio can benefit men and women, young or old, physically fit or deconditioned. Whether you are in chronic pain, an athlete, or anywhere in between, I can design a program to fit you.  
Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness.  Joseph H. Pilates